The future of wheel alignment

DOFTEK has developed the world’s first active wheel alignment system. This system enables the alignment of each wheel to be optimised in real-time, every time.

Controlling the contact patch between a car’s tyres and the road is critical for optimal performance, safety, tyre life and fuel efficiency. The orientation of the wheels, or wheel alignment, is the most important setting to achieve this.

Until now, wheel alignment can only be adjusted manually by a mechanic in a workshop. As such, a single wheel alignment setting must be chosen to cover all possible uses and conditions. This forces a compromise.

In an ideal world, wheel alignment should vary in real time.

The world’s first active wheel alignment system

DOFTEK has developed the world’s first active wheel alignment system. This system allows the contact patch between the tyres and the road to be optimised at all times.

Two versions of this system are possible:

1. Mode Select

  • Normal (e.g. 0° camber)
  • Sport (e.g. -1.5° camber)
  • Sport+ (e.g. -3° camber)

2. Adaptive — automatic, real-time operation

There are a number of benefits of such a system.

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